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EONS STRATEGY is a CAC registered startup under the extant laws of Nigeria, operational in Abuja as a strategy company enabling businesses to grow their clients.

Our team have background in finance, chemical engineering, start-up scaling, environmental engineering and Business development

This era produces new loosers and winners and we are helping our clients be on the winning side by securing the confidence of their clients in this trying times through purging, sterilizing, disinfecting and deodorizing their facilities whether homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, government buildings, hospitals reducing the risk of fomites that adds vitality to Covid 19 in your facility.

WHY People choose us

We have the right formula for mixture putting into consideration disinfectant concentration, volume, contact time with careful adherence to global best practices. we bring wealth of experience in serving our clients.

Meet Our COVID 19
Solution Brand

Eonscaresstrategy is our COVID 19 project to help businesses, restaurants, hotels, schools and estates to retain their customers, increase profit and stay safe by purging, disinfecting and deodorizing their facility while maintaining global best practices.